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Useful links for your special day in Newcastle & the North East of England

We have decided to add this page to our North East Wedding photography website to add a list of what we hope are some useful links when you are planning your wedding or other special occasion. Please visit our Home page first then have a look around our website to find inspiration then check out the useful links below.
With Zankyou, you can get your gift list and customise it to your liking by choosing the price of every gift. Surprise your guests with unique details, and make them a part of your honeymoon. Integrate the wedding gift list onto your website, and share it with your family and friends - including a free card in your invitations! They will undoubtedly love the chance to give you the best gift possible for your wedding. Transfer the money directly to your bank account, and use it with complete freedom.
This venue and vendor database is a one-stop shop, with more than 200,000 local listings and 2.5 million reviews by real brides. So if you're clueless about where to wed and who to hire, do a quick search and narrow results by type, location, price, or rating. When you're done with the big-ticket items, you'll find checklists, budget templates, and etiquette tips.
Think of this free app as your personal assistant. It's preloaded with tasks to guide you through your to-dos, and it even alerts you as you approach deadlines for things like "mail invites" or "pay deposit for the band," the same ways a planner would do in real life. Share your "event" with your fiancé, mother, or hands-on MOH so everyone has access to the same info.
You're back from the honeymoon, convinced the stresses of planning are behind you. Not so fast. It's time for thank-you notes. If you just can't even, try Postable: Choose a design, type a heartfelt message, and add the recipient's address (manually or imported from a spreadsheet), and the site prints a card, puts it in an envelope, and mails it ($3 each, plus postage). Will guests know you cheated? Likely not; Postable uses "smart fonts," so repeat letters are slightly different from one another. Handwritten cards are ideal, but our etiquette experts sign off as long as each note is personalized.


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