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North East Wedding Photographer - Logon

This is the customer logon section of Kindnessphotography where you can access your photographs using the credentials we have sent you. You are welcome to share your logon details with your friends and family if you want them to have access.

If you have any issues with your logon then please use our contact us page to email or call us and we will assist you to get on. Even if your photographs were taken many years ago and you can’t find your section below, or your logon details don’t seem to work. Don’t worry we keep archive copies and backups of all photographs we take. We will only charge for the DVD media or USB stick and the delivery if you need more copies sent out. Or we can simply add your logon back on to this page again so you can look at them and enjoy the memories once again.  If you want us to provide you with printed copies, enlargements or canvases then please get in touch and we will give you the latest prices including delivery.

 Scroll down to find your photographs.
Natalie & James Pre Wedding Photography
Bride & Groom

Sue & Steve  Wedding Photography

Claire & Eric North east Wedding Photography
Claire and Eric Evening reception
Jane & Howard Reed Wedding Photography
Jane & Howard Reed Wedding

Sarah & Darren  Wedding Photography

Sue & Steve Pre Wedding Photography

Claire & Eric Thompson Wedding Photography
North East Wedding Photographer - Wedding Car
Natalie & James Wedding Photography
Natalie and James Wedding

Dave & Nicola Thane Wedding Photography
Dave & Nicola Thane Wedding

Andrew & Julie Tweed Wedding Photography
Andrew & Julie Tweed Wedding

Erin Burke Christening Photography
Erin Burke Christening

David & Karen Portrait Photography
David & Karen Portraits

Michelle & John Wedding Photography
Michelle & John Wedding

Fiona Phin Family Portrait Photography
Fiona Phin Family Portraits
Peter & Miriam Golden Anniversary Party
Peter & Miriam Golden Anniversary Party

Nicky Moore Family Portrait Photography
Nicky Moore Family Portraits

James & Melanie Anderson Wedding Photography
James & Melanie Anderson Wedding

St Peters Leavers Party 2012
St Peters Leavers Party 2012

Darren & Carla Bain Pre Wedding Photography
Darren & Carla Bain Pre Wedding

Lee & Tracy Clark-McCabe Wedding Photography
Lee & Tracy Clark-McCabe Wedding

Claire & Keith Harrop Wedding Photography
Claire & Keith Harrop Wedding

Trevor & Julie Owens Wedding Photography
Trevor & Julie Owens Wedding

Darren & Carla Bain Wedding Photography
Darren & Carla Bain Wedding

Alan & Sarah Cate Wedding Photography
Alan & Sarah Cate Wedding

If however for any reason you no longer want your photographs displayed or accessible at all on our website then please let us know and we will remove them immediately as per your request. We can also change your password if required or remove the need for a password all together, so anyone can publicly see your photographs. All of the photographs on your logon page are copyright protected to prevent them from being copied from the website. If you need any high resolution copies to print or make into a canvas let us know and we will send you the prices as mentioned above. Why don’t you check out the rest of our website as the other services we offer such as family portraits, qualify you as a repeat customer and you will be offered a 15% discount from your total bill on any of our packages as long as based in the Newcastle & North East of England.

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